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V8 SuperChat Championship Sign-Up Empty V8 SuperChat Championship Sign-Up

Post by --->Da[V]id<--- on Tue Jan 22, 2008 10:00 am

We are hosting a private game on www.batracer.com (Online Gaming Simulator) and we giving you the chance to join. A user is required, but don't worry, you don't have to pay or anything. Once you have signed up, click this link: http://batracer.com/-cj?&D&22442 and follow the instructions. When it asks for a password, type in "Chat" (Don't add the talking marks). Choose your team and your off.

We also recommend newbies to team up with either A_H (Michael), A_F (Ben) or myself (David). This is just a recommendation, so you don't have to go by it. If you think you have the skills to compete without help, start a team on your own. It would be nice for as many people to join because we need a minimum of 10 players before it can start. We hope to see you there!

Below is a lost of who have joined and which team have been taken or how many drives are left in the particular team...

Users Joined:

Teams Free:
Stone Brothers Racing
Jack Daniels Racing
WPS Racing
Team BOC
Toll HSV Dealer Team
Fujitsu Racing
Garry Rogers Motorsport
Team Sirromet Wines
SuperCheap Auto Racing
Team Betta Electrical
AutoBarn Racing (1 Car Team)
Paul Cruickshank Racing (1 Car Team)
Team Kiwi Racing (1 Car Team)

Teams Taken/ Drives Left:
Holden Racing Team: 1 Drive Available
Tasman Motorsport: Sorry! There are no more drives!
Ford Performance Racing: 1 Drive Available

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