V8 SuperChat: Reopening soon! Oh... and with changes too...

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V8 SuperChat: Reopening soon! Oh... and with changes too...

Post by Admin_Holden on Fri Nov 14, 2008 12:03 pm

YES... I am here at Harvey Norman in Preston just 100 metres from Tasman's old base, but here I will announce the biggest change in this forum's nearly 1 year history. This forum is to reopen once I get the net!!! It won't be in very long as well.

While I am at it I also have a web cam so if you have a web cam yourself and have a lot of interest in V8 Supercars a new web show will be opening as soon as I can get the configuration together! So I'll be emailing all our members this news as soon as I get the net.

P.S GO TASMAN! And by the way we were 4 better than 2 this year!

Thanks Rhys Goldfinch, you are a legend!!!

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